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Which products will use spacer labels?


Speaking of spacer labels, I believe many people are unfamiliar, not only ordinary consumers, but even some small and medium-sized self-adhesive printing factories do not know what spacer labels are, but in fact this kind of non-stick Glue is also very common in our daily shopping.

When it comes to spacer adhesive labels, its product features are as easy to understand as its name. Compared with conventional self-adhesive labels, the feature of spacer adhesive labels is that not all the parts with adhesive on the back are glued. The special printing process of the self-adhesive printed by Quanchen can remove the glue from the parts on the back of the self-adhesive that do not want glue.

Having said so much, which products

will use spacer adhesive labels?

From the best understanding, the price tag used in optical shops and jewelry stores is a kind of regular spacer label, because such products require that the self-adhesive glue cannot touch the product, otherwise it will lead to Therefore, ordinary cable labels cannot be used for such products, and they must go through the special printing process of self-adhesive labels by Nuoxin Printing Factory.

Another product that uses spacer adhesive labels must be something you have never noticed before. Remember the tempered film for mobile phones you bought in those

years? There is a small label on these tempered films to help us locate the film. ,

the part attached to the tempered film is glued, and the end that is convenient for us to tear off the film is not glued.

There is also a type of product that also uses spacer labels, especially during promotional activities, we will see it when we go to the supermarket-daily chemical products, among which the self-adhesive labels used to seal the wet tissue are the spacers used. Adhesive labels, while toiletries such as shampoos and shower gels will be affixed with special promotional spacer adhesive labels during the promotion period.

Of course, in addition to this, there are many products that also use spacer labels, such as: gift boxes, food, electronic appliances, etc.

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