Food labels around us


Have you ever noticed the self-adhesive labels on food that can be seen everywhere? This small label is a big one. Today, I will take you to know about food labels in life. First of all, food self-adhesive labels refer to Text, graphics, symbols, and all instructions on prepackaged food containers.

Last year’s crazy price increases of meat products, such as sausage products, ham, cured meat, including the sauce and stewed food usually seen in vegetable farms, etc., followed by condiments, alcohol, cakes, fruit and vegetable industries, etc. should all have Food stickers.

Seeing that there are so many need to use food self-adhesive labels in life, it also shows the general and demand for food self-adhesive labels. However, food labels cannot be done casually, especially food sold in regular stores, must comply with relevant national regulations. The editor will first make some popular science. First of all, the state stipulates all the contents of food stickers. It is not allowed to describe or introduce food in a wrong, misleading or deceptive way, nor to use directly or indirectly suggestive language, graphics, etc. Symbols lead consumers to confuse a food or one property of a food with another product. In addition, according to the regulations, food labels must not be separated from packaging containers; all contents of food labels must not become blurred or even fall off during circulation, and all contents of food labels must be easy to understand, accurate and scientific. Food labeling is an important way to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in accordance with the law. So choose a regular food self-adhesive printing factory.

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