Explore AKO's cutting-edge adhesive production machines designed to meet diverse manufacturing needs:

1. Flexo Printing Machines: Achieve exceptional print quality and precision for labels and packaging with our advanced technology.

2. Slitting Machines: Enhance production efficiency with precise material cutting, suitable for various adhesive roll materials.

3. Coating Machines: Attain uniform and precise adhesive coating for self adhesive paper and more, thanks to our advanced hot melt technology.

4. Die Cutting Finishing Machines: Streamline adhesive label production with precise die-cutting and finishing for consistent quality.

AKO leads in adhesive production technology, offering innovative solutions to elevate manufacturing processes across industries. 

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Delta Series 420

Delta Series 420

DELTA 420 Flexo printing press is a kind of printing equipment which is developed by our company on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology experience and combining with our core technology. The press is for shipping label, adhesive material, film and other materials. The whole machine adopts three servo synchronization control, uses LED UV curing, high precision and low pollution.

Alpha Series 520

Alpha Series 520

Alpha-520 blank die-cutting non-stop winding all-in-one machine is a professional die-cutting equipment for blank labels developed on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology experience and combining our core technology. The whole machine adopts a 5-roller double-station die-cutting structure with hydraulic pressure. Die-cutting is combined with automatic non-stop winding device, whi

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