Self Adhesive Thermal Paper



AKO Self Adhesive Direct Thermal Paper mainly for three heat-sensitive paper (waterproof, oil-proof, anti-friction). For logistics labels, the anti-scratch effect of the three-proof paper is better, and the color preservation cycle is long; Single heat-proof paper: the main surface on the waterproof, color preservation time is slightly short. 


Simplicity: Direct thermal printing is a straightforward process, as it doesn't require ribbons, ink, or toner. This simplifies the printing process and reduces operational costs.

Cost-Effective: Since there are no consumables like ink or ribbons, direct thermal labels are cost-effective for high-volume printing applications.

High-Speed Printing: Direct thermal printers can produce labels at high speeds, making them ideal for applications that require rapid label production.

Low Maintenance: These printers have fewer moving parts compared to other printing technologies, leading to reduced maintenance requirements and increased uptime.

Durable Labels: Direct thermal labels are durable and resistant to fading over time, making them suitable for short-term labeling needs.

Environmentally Friendly: As they don't require ink or toner cartridges, direct thermal labels are considered more environmentally friendly and produce less waste.


Shipping Labels: Direct thermal labels are commonly used for printing shipping labels, including shipping addresses, barcodes, and tracking information.

Retail Labels: They find extensive use in the retail industry for pricing labels, shelf tags, and product identification labels.

Receipts and Tickets: Direct thermal labels are used in point-of-sale systems to print receipts, tickets, and coupons.

Food Labels: In the food industry, direct thermal labels are used for printing labels on perishable items such as deli products, baked goods, and seafood.

Inventory Management: Direct thermal labels are crucial for inventory management and asset tracking, where barcode labels are used to track products, equipment, and assets.

Healthcare Labels: They are used in healthcare settings for printing patient wristbands, specimen labels, and pharmacy labels.

Manufacturing Labels: Direct thermal labels are used in manufacturing for labeling products, parts, and inventory.

Postal Services: Postal and courier services use direct thermal labels for printing shipping labels and tracking information.

Event Tickets: Direct thermal labels are used for printing event tickets, parking permits, and access badges at events and venues.

Library Labels: Libraries use direct thermal labels for cataloging and tracking books, DVDs, and other materials.

In summary, direct thermal labels are favored for applications that require cost-effective, high-speed, and low-maintenance label printing. They are commonly used in industries such as logistics, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing, where simplicity and efficiency are key.

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