Self Adhesive Thermal Paper

Acrylic Self Adhesive Direct Thermal Paper

Advantages of Acrylic Self Adhesive Thermal Paper:

High Adhesive Strength: Acrylic self-adhesive thermal paper features a strong adhesive backing that ensures labels adhere securely to various surfaces, including paper, cardboard, plastic, and more.

Thermal Printing Compatibility: It is designed specifically for thermal printing methods, ensuring compatibility with thermal printers, which are commonly used in label printing.

Durable Printing: This type of thermal paper offers resistance to smudging, fading, and wear and tear, resulting in labels that remain legible and durable over time.

Clarity and Sharpness: Acrylic self-adhesive thermal paper provides clear and sharp printing, allowing for the production of high-quality labels with precise text, graphics, and barcodes.

Versatility: It is versatile and suitable for a range of applications due to its strong adhesive properties and compatibility with thermal printing.

Applications of Acrylic Self Adhesive Thermal Paper:

Shipping and Logistics Labels: Acrylic self-adhesive thermal paper is commonly used for printing shipping labels, tracking labels, and address labels in the logistics and shipping industry.

Barcode Labels: It plays a crucial role in barcode printing, employed for inventory management, retail point-of-sale systems, and tracking goods throughout the supply chain.

Retail Labels: In retail environments, this thermal paper is used for printing price tags, product labels, and shelf tags.

Inventory Management: Warehouses and distribution centers utilize acrylic self-adhesive thermal paper labels for inventory control, tracking stock levels, and labeling products and storage locations.

Product Labeling: Various industries, including manufacturing and food packaging, use this thermal paper for product labeling to ensure clear and durable labels on their products.

Pharmaceutical Labels: The pharmaceutical industry relies on acrylic self-adhesive thermal paper for labeling medication packaging, including prescription labels and patient instructions.

Asset Labeling: It is used for asset tracking and management, labeling equipment, machinery, and assets in businesses and organizations.

Library and Book Labels: Libraries use this thermal paper for labeling books, DVDs, and other library materials to help with organization and tracking.

Healthcare and Laboratory Labels: In healthcare settings, it is used for patient identification wristbands, specimen labeling, and labeling laboratory samples.

Manufacturing Labels: Manufacturing facilities use acrylic self-adhesive thermal paper for tracking work-in-progress items, parts, and components in the production process.

In summary, acrylic self-adhesive thermal paper offers strong adhesion, durability, and high-quality printing, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including labeling in logistics, retail, inventory management, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.

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