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How to Choose the Right Adhesive thermal paper?

How to Choose the Right Adhesive for the self-adhesive sticker?

Differentiate from the adhesive color

Clear: its transparent adhesive

Grey : adhesive color is grey, and the blockout character is between black and transparent.

Black : Best blockout character is black color adhesive

Differentiate from the permanent or removable


Our general purpose permanent adhesive is supplied on all of our sticker products unless otherwise specified.

Permanent adhesive will have a strong adhesion to the surface. Typically, with permanent adhesive cannot be removed without damaging the sticker products. Permanent adhesive is right choice in most applications, unless specific needs such as removability are required.


Our general purpose removable adhesive will allow the sticker paper to be removed from any coated surface without destruction. If Over its certain period of time, the removable sticker problem may become permanent.


Our ultra removable adhesive allows the sticker products to remove easily from the surface. Often, the sticker products can be removed and reapplied somewhere else.

All Temperature (Freezer):

Our all temperature adhesive is a permanent adhesive suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures. The sticker paper can be applied in cold environments suck as a freezer (to -20 F.). The service temperature of the sticker paper  is between -65 F. to 200 F.

Opaque (Blockout):

Used in applications where you need to cover up incorrect information or block out an area where the sticker paper will be applied. This adhesive is black or dark grey in color and may affect ink color.

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