Eco-friendly printing of thermal paper roll labels

As the whole society pays attention to the topic of environmental protection, more and more industries are beginning to pay attention to whether there will be harmful substances and how to deal with production wastes in the process of raw materials and product production. Self-adhesive label printing factories like AKO label printing factory have also developed from a traditional extensive development model to an environmental label model that pays more attention to "inner beauty" when printing web labels for customers from all walks of life.

AKO Printing believes that there are two concepts for environmental protection in thermal paper roll label printing, one of which is the choice of printing materials. This is reflected not only in the choice of ink, but also in the label material itself. Ink is the most critical link in label printing. In the ink market of label printing, green and benzene-free ink will be the mainstream of development.

It can be seen that the domestic ink industry is currently in line with international standards, completely replacing traditional inks with new products that are environmentally friendly, green and healthy. This news is undoubtedly a good news for the development of environmental protection of label printing in my country, especially the environmental protection of food labels, and will have a huge driving effect.

In the printing method of roll label printing, the first thing that everyone thinks of should be flexographic printing. In foreign countries, flexographic printing is widely used in labels, while domestic label printing mostly focuses on exquisite design and bright colors, so it is difficult to accept flexographic printing methods, and traditional printing methods such as letterpress are still the main methods.

However, with the continuous improvement of environmental protection awareness, especially in the field of label printing, with the implementation of the "Food Safety Law" and the "General Guidelines for Green Food Packaging", AKO Printing believes that people's attention will inevitably turn to the environmental protection label printing process. In addition to flexo printing, there is a new force that cannot be ignored - digital printing technology. With the continuous innovation of printing technology, digital printing technology has gradually entered the world of label printing.

At the beginning of the birth of digital printing, it has overcome traditional printing methods with its environmental protection and pollution-free advantages. At the same time, the short-run, small-batch, personalized, and timeliness of label printing requirements have played the role of digital printing technology in the field of label printing. Fertile ground for rapid growth. Undoubtedly, the application of digital printing technology not only effectively reduces the damage to the environment, but also helps label printing companies develop new fields such as personalized printing.

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