Self Adhesive White PP sticker

Cheap Adhesive White PP Quality Paper for Sale. Polypropylene as a cost-effective alternative to adhesive-backed vinyl.

Self-adhesive PP sticker is also known as polypropylene sticker. It has good flexibility.

Regular type:
Self adhesive Transparent PP sticker
Self adhesive Transparent semi opacity PP sticker
Self adhesive Transparent gloss white PP sticker
Self adhesive Transparent matt white PP sticker
Self adhesive Transparent metalized PP sticker

Self Adhesive PP Sticker

Water-based adhesive
Solvent adhesive

in Reel
in Sheet

Regular Size:
Customized size acceptable
Customized size acceptable

Self adhesive PP sticker with water resistant, oil resistant, good stiffness and so on. Ultra-transparent PP self-adhesive offer high degree of transparency, use it apply for transparent bottle, looks like no label visual effects. Widely used in cosmetic products.

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