2010 - today


AKO TEC was founded in Shanghai.

2012 - 2013

Starting R&D of machinery and materials.


Starting to supply logistics label, patent applied and obtained for new style logistics label.


At the end of year, AKO became the largest supplier of logistics label, which had 40% to 45% market share.


Ranged No1 in Label area. The bigest Label company in China.

In the inflation years, which put a heavy strain on the national economy, the company experienced a marked expansion thanks to new product ideas like quick moisteners, needle labels and adhesive rolls. Many of these products were manufactured using machines which the company itself designed and built. Thus it gathered engineering know-how as it grew.


xpanded international market and set factories in Indonesia and sale office in America.


Present our Label stock in Brussel.

2021 - today

The biggest factory was founded in Luan,Anhui province. And AKO starting Global layout in ASiAN countries and Europe.

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