Self-adhesive for beverage industry

The AKO exquisite range for wine bottles is already well-known – it changes the appearance of a wine bottle in a special manner. But AKO exquisite is used not only in the wine sector, since it is a well-established fact that expressive labels are essential for successful marketing. Thanks to AKO multi-layer adhesive technology, such labels adhere perfectly even to wet surfaces. Therefore, AKO materials can also be found on craft beers, which are becoming increasingly popular. A rising number of breweries are following the trend towards brewing expertise at the highest level. The look of the bottles is a decisive factor. AKO has developed the HERMAexquisite range especially for such challenges.

Using multi-layer technology, which means that two different adhesive layers are applied simultaneously, results amongst other things in excellent adhesive properties under cool/moist conditions. The "62W" adhesive masters even the particularly critical "cooler test" with flying colours: a label with this adhesive does not come off the bottle even after a long stay in a wine cooler or in the cool box. Thereby, AKO exquisite also provides optimal technical conditions for visually appealing labels on beer bottles.



  • Scratch-proof and tear-proof
  • Cool/moist conditions
  • UV stability
  • Weather-proof
  • Resistant to moisture

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