Self-adhesive for cosmetic industry

In the cosmetics industry, labels have to do more than just convey information. In no other sector are label appearance and design so important. Labels are a primary means of advertising: they communicate the brand image, attract attention, and influence buying decisions.

Labeling is also used to inform the consumer of the intended use, and to communicate any warnings associated with the product. Labels can also be used to list the ingredients, and the net quantity of contents. AKO Label has many years of experience, and can develop the perfect cosmetic label solution.


  • Color: Full Color, Pantone Color, Single Color, CMYK color
  • Usage: Packaging of perfume, shampoo, body wash, cosmetic...etc.
  • Material: Adhesive a rt paper, vinyl stickers, BOPP, PE, PET, PVC
  • Adhesive: General adhesive type, general strong adhesive type, special labeling requirements can be customized glue, surface treatment, Gerasin base paper, etc.
  • Specifications: Size and shape can be customized.
  • Printing: Can print the colors and patterns required by customers.
  • Labels: Cosmetic labels are waterproof, oil-proof, not easy to fall off, printed clearly, brightly colored and colorfast, with smooth surface, uniform thickness and good glossiness and flexibility.

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