Double Layer Release Paper


Anti-sticking paper, also known as silicone oil paper. It consists of three layers: the first layer: backing paper; The second layer: coating; the third layer: silicone oil. It can be used in electronic products, automobile foam, printing, food, medical and so on. In most cases, it is used with sticky materials, especially adhesive tapes.
In wet production of prepreg, release paper is placed on the top and bottom of prepreg, and the lower release paper is stored in it along with the winding of prepreg, so the surface of prepreg is usually protected by a layer of release paper. The function of release paper is to prevent the prepreg from being polluted, and to provide convenience for scribing on its surface. Another function of release paper is to prevent the transverse cracking of unidirectional prepreg.
Release paper should meet the following requirements: it can stick to prepreg, but it is easy to separate them; Do not react chemically with or pollute the resin system; When the temperature and humidity of the environment change, the length and width of the release paper should remain the same, so as not to cause the release paper to wrinkle and make the prepreg wrinkle; Should have enough compactness to prevent water from entering the prepreg through it; The elongation of release paper after being pulled should be consistent with the fiber, so as to prevent the prepreg from being deformed or twisted due to unsynchronized drafting in the preparation process; Its thickness and mass per unit area are not easy to control accurately.

(1) Gerasin (base paper is Gerasin) silicone oil paper: high temperature-resistant, moisture-proof, oil-proof, generally used for food industry packaging.
(2) Ordinary release paper: moisture-proof and oil-proof, which plays a role in product isolation. It is applicable to industries such as electronics, automobile foam, printing, etc. Its application range is mostly with sticky ones, especially adhesive tapes. Therefore, release paper is generally used for products that need adhesive tapes.
(3)PVC wallpaper, PVC leather coating foaming process to undertake the role.
Classified by color
A, single silicon white release paper refers to plain paper on one side and silicone oil on the other, which is commonly used.
B, Single silicon yellow (blue) release paper refers to release paper with yellow (blue) on both sides.
Classification by gram weight
Ranging from 35g/m2 to 250g/m2 (which can be higher).
Classification by silicone oil
According to the presence or absence of silicone oil, it can be divided into silicone oil paper and coated paper.
Remark: Coated paper only has backing paper and coated paper. If it is silicone oil paper, it means there are all three kinds of paper.
Classification by single and double sides
A, double silicone single seal means that one side is silicone oil, and the other side is only coated with film, which will improve the cleanliness of the pair.
B, double silicon, which means silicone oil on both sides.
C, single silicon.
D, coated paper, also known as white plastic paper.
Classification by place of production
A, domestic.
B. Import.

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