Self-adhesive for medical industry

Medical self-adhesive label consists of three parts: release paper, facial paper, and adhesive used to bond the two. Release paper is commonly known as "base paper", and its surface is oily. The base paper can isolate the adhesive, so it is used as the attachment of facial paper to ensure that the facial paper can be easily peeled off from the base paper, also known as release paper. The backing paper is divided into ordinary backing paper and Gerasin backing paper. The ordinary backing paper is rough and thick, and it has yellow color, white color, etc. according to its color. The adhesive backing paper commonly used in general printing industry is economical yellow backing paper.

GLASSINE base paper is dense and uniform, with good internal strength and light transmittance, and is a common material for making bar code labels. Its common colors are blue and white. Usually, we refer to label paper as coated paper, thermal paper, etc., which refers to facial paper. Paper is the carrier of label printing content. According to its material, it can be divided into coated paper, thermal paper, PET, PVC and so on. The back of the paper is coated with adhesive, which on the one hand ensures the proper adhesion between the base paper and the face paper, and on the other hand, ensures that the face paper can be peeled off, and it can have strong adhesiveness with the sticker. Label paper is divided into coated paper, thermal paper, tag/cardboard, PET/PVC/ synthetic paper. In order to get a label with perfect quality, besides configuring a high-quality barcode printer, reasonable label paper selection is also a very important link.



  • Extremely strong adhesion
  • Labelling of curved surfaces with small radii
  • Labelling around corners
  • Tamper-proof
  • Resistance to damage
  • ISEGA certification for direct labelling of blood bags


  • Classification: medical label, medicine bottle label, medicine bottle label, medical label, medicinal label, medicine bottle label
  • Material: Coated paper/Adhesive paper/Synthetic paper /PET, etc.
  • Uses: Suitable for all kinds of medicine bottles, pharmaceutical products and medical devices.
  • Features: Good adhesion, no warping, waterproof, safe and environmental protection.
  • Content: customized according to the text content provided by customers.
  • Price: according to the material, specification, quantity and quotation provided by the customer.

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